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Turning the Page was established in early 2024 to develop and publish policy ideas for the rebuilding of the UK’s domestic capital markets and savings systems, which we consider is an essential pre-requisite to the restoration of the UK’s per capita income growth. This work follows the earlier publication of Investing in the Future by the Institute for Global Change in May 2023 and Britain plc in Liquidation in November 2023, both of which are available on this site.

The principal (and sole) funder of Turning the Page is Michael Tory, a founder of Ondra Partners, a financial advisory firm specialising in solving complex financial problems for global corporations. Although Turning the Page represents an application to critical public policy issues of the same complex problem-solving skill-set, its work and opinions are distinct from those of Ondra Partners itself.

The present analysis has been prepared by Michael Tory together with his Ondra colleagues, Martin Madsen (also a co-author of the two earlier works), and Anushka Haria. Michael is responsible for its content.

Michael Tory

Michael is a citizen of Canada who has lived in the UK for over thirty years, during which time he has marvelled at this country’s entrepreneurial dynamism and capacity for innovation; he has never stopped imagining ways to grow and retain here in the UK more of the uncommon value creation generated by these distinctive energies.

Martin Madsen

Martin Madsen, a dual UK and Danish citizen who has resided in the UK for over 15 years, believes that the full potential of this country is hindered by a reluctance to make the necessary, albeit obvious, long-term decisions, of which the policy suggestions set out herein are a representative example.

Anushka Haria

Anushka Haria has lived in London her whole life and is struck by the data showing relative economic underperformance of the UK. She is keen to see new measures enacted that ensure sustainable growth.


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